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McCartney Concert Colombia Postponed

The Paul McCartney concert in Medellín, Colombia, is postponed. The Colombian tour operator Tyrona reported in a statement that the show “will not be held on October 24th as planned”. There is no new date announced on which the concert may take place.

"As a result of unforeseen production problems, Paul McCartney's upcoming One On One tour in Colombia has been postponed. Paul regrets the disappointment this will cause to his fans due to circumstances beyond his control," stated the company.

According to the organizers, Paul's touring team and promoters are studying the reprogramming of the show as part of an upcoming tour in South America. It was also reported that the money will be returned to those who purchased their ballot. The announcement for the concert on McCartney’s website, is removed.

McCartney’s second ever live show in Colombia was show scheduled for Tuesday October 24th and was part of the South American leg of his One-On-One Tour. There are no indications that the upcoming concerts in Brazil and Mexico are getting postponed as well.

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André Homan

André Homan is a Dutch writer and journalist.

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  1. Outside the country, people can't imagine why this happened. I'll tell you: The price of the tickets were so, so expensive and besides, the company that sells the tickets charges 20% of the value just for selling it. Everything here in Colombia is that way...we pay more taxes than european countries, but that money is stolen. So we pay taxes as if we were in Norway, but our life quality is the same as is in Bolivia. I've seen Paul 7 times, but I couldn't afford the price of a good tocket, plus the airplane ticket from Bogota to Medellin, plus the was too much for me and for thousands of Beatles fans here in Colombia. Sorry Paul