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Scouse House McCartney - the making of Rabbit Hole

Paul McCartney is going ‘Scouse House’ in Rabbit Hole, a mash-up video that has become quite popular on social media recently, especially on Twitter. The video is compiled by bits taken from numerous interviews and put together on a House beat. It's made by 37-years old Swede Mason, a video-editor from London. 

Video Rabbit Hole: 

Mason made similar productions featuring former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson or politicians such as president Trump, David Cameron or Boris Johnson. He wasn’t planning to make a video with Paul McCartney particularly. The idea just came along when a sample got send to him which caught his attention:
Some guy called Roy send me this sample from Wogan, this ‘donk’ sample. When I saw that, I just couldn’t resist it. Before that I didn’t really think of doing it. I’m not really a fan, more kind of ignorant of his solo stuff. I obvious know The Beatles and I love Wings stuff and I listened to it before making the video. This fellow send it to me years ago, but nothing came to it. But then I was watching this Chaos and Creation live thing he did, when he played all kind of instruments and the glasses, and I thought ‘I can make something out of this’. Then I had a proper go on it. 
It’s not like an homage or anything, and I’m not making a piss either, or want to dis him. It was just this ‘donk’ thing, I just couldn’t resist. But I would like to know what he thinks of it. It would just brilliant to know. I did one with Game of Thrones, with Vanilla Ice. When I uploaded that one it did really well. And Vanilla Ice retweeted it and that was really funny, just great! It’s just amusing.  

Swede Mason

To make a video like this, a lot of raw material is needed. Swede Mason used about twenty hours of dialogue to make the McCartney mash-up and it took him about a month editing it.

I wasn’t really going full speed, I was just going my own pace, I’m doing it for fun really. There was a bit of a script. I find a line that kind of works well and then I tried to find another line to connect with that. It’s not a case of doing it linearly, you’re going like just do it and it starts to get together as you go along. You’ll find a bit that works with that bit and then you go with another bit that goes along with this bit and it kind of just comes together. Trying to make it rhyme was the hardest thing. “

Swede Mason

Although Swede Mason is making the video’s primarily for fun, he has been very successful with it in the past. His 2011 mash-up Masterchef Synestesia was a big hit on YouTube 
with almost 10 million views

Video Masterchef Synestesia

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André Homan

André Homan is a Dutch writer and journalist.

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