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Release of Let it Be re-edit possibly in 2020

In an interview with a Canadian radio station, Paul McCartney hinted at a possible release of the Beatles film Let It Be on DVD / Blu-ray in 2020. In that year, the music documentary and the eponymous album celebrate their 50th anniversary. The release would not be the original film, but rather a completely new edit, based on film footage that had never been used before.

The release of the last Beatles film has been on hold for years. As far as known, it is the heirs of George Harrison and John Lennon who are blocking a renewed release because the film would be too controversial because of the division within the band, which becomes painfully clear in the film. Earlier this year, in an interview with Rolling Stone, McCartney already indicated that, in his view, the film does not have to be left on the shelf: an opinion that he once again confirmed:
We keep talking about it. We have meetings at Apple, you know, the original Beatles Apple. And it’s one of the things you never quite know what’s gonna happen with it. So there’s no story at the moment. But I keep saying ‘what’s gonna happen?’, because people keep ask about it. 

A release of the original film is not immediately to be expected, yet McCartney thinks something is coming up:
I tell you why I think it’s gonna happen. I think there may be a new version of it. That is kind of the latest gossip. Because there’s a lot of footage and the original movie came out and it was really… sort of… about the break-up of The Beatles. And so for me, it was a little sad, the movie. But I know people are looking at the footage; there’s about 56 hours of footage. And someone was talking the other day to me and said ‘the overall feeling is very joyous and very uplifting. It’s like a bunch of guys making music and enjoying it, you know. So I think there is some talk about making a new movie, re-editing it from the same period, from the same footage. We can make a new film out of it. So who knows, that may be happening in a year or two.
Listen here to the interview

Let It Be is a 1970 documentary film directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. In the film, recorded in January 1969, the group rehearses songs for their twelfth and final studio album Let It Be. The film contains the famous, unannounced concert on the roof of Apple's headquarters, their latest public appearance. The film was released shortly after the album in May 1970, making it the last original Beatles release.

Original trailer:

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