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Macca's Social Media Posts: New Album Coming Up?

The release of his long awaited new album seems to be near, now that Paul McCartney has posted several cryptic messages on social media:. The expectation is that within a few days a new single will see the light of day and that also the title of the new album will be announced.

It all started last Saturday, June 9, when McCartney's accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram went 'white'; literally, because the profile photo and the background image were replaced by a white photograph. Earlier that day, Paul gave a surprise performance in Liverpool, where he also played a new song: "Come On To You". All of this is of course no coincidence. The message is clear, there is something special coming up.

The following day, Sunday, a first hint follows: A somewhat childish drawing of what I interpret as a pyramid with the setting sun. It reminds me of the social media campaign five years ago, with the release of the previous album NEW. Back then, for a few days, McCartney posted just single words on his twitter account, such as 'castle', 'born' and 'york'. All words where the word 'New' can be put in front. McCartney also posted a white picture with black horizontal and vertical stripes, which later turned out to be a stylistic adaptation of the album cover. Could this be something similar too, that the drawing is a simplified representation of the album cover, just like then?

The pyramid can just as well be a railway line through a tunnel. On social media, some see in the rail tracks a reference to tracks on an album. Others see seven levels in the drawing, could that be an album title, Seven Levels? Or a rollercoaster, or a gateway to another galaxy, which reminds me of the so-called leaked fake title, last year: The Universe And Beyond. That certainly won’t be the title! Others see in the drawing 'the light at the end of the tunnel', a sarcastic reference to the long wait for the album.

I just don’t have a clue, so I’ll have to wait for possible new hints to come. And they do show up, on Monday and Tuesday, two black and white photos. Striking about them is that both are taken by what looks like a kind of opening. As if you secretly peek through something. That, of course, is no coincidence and is perhaps another reference to a title.
The first picture shows a set of microphones, with a piano in the background and a long row of headphones. It is clearly a recording studio. As far as I am concerned this is undoubtful a hint that the release of a new album will be announced soon. But I do not see a new clue to an album title. 

The second black-and-white photo doesn’t make any sense to me. This time Pauls Gibson is on the picture, with a bunch of flight cases. That seems to indicate more on a new tour ... not a new release? I’m starting to doubt, but on the other hand, a new tour has never been announced in such a way. So the hope for the new album remains.

And then today, Wednesday, the latest hint. Again a black and white photo and again made as if you are peeking along. This time McCartney himself is on the picture, seen on the back, sitting behind a piano. I can’t make anything out of it. Perhaps more important today are the rumors that next Friday the new single, or perhaps even the entire album, will be released. There is plenty to speculate about, little is still certain. Maybe one or two clues will follow next days, but it seems, and I hope, that we can listen to some new McCartney music this weekend!

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André Homan

André Homan is a Dutch writer and journalist.

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