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Is Egypt Station McCartney's new album?

According to increasing rumors, the title of McCartney's new album is Egypt Station. On Social Media there is a lot of guessing going on the hints that McCartney has posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since a week. It is generally assumed that the hints indicate an upcoming release of Paul's long awaited new album. The last three hints would indicate the album title: Egypt Station.

Yesterday, Sunday June 17, for the first time two clues appeared in one day. The first (image on the left) is something similar to an old-fashioned train ticket, with McCartney's name on it and, strikingly, a logo: the same as the doodle with which this campaign started last week. And this is also a first clear hint to the suggested album title: A pyramid, which stands for Egypt, and a railway line, which stands for Station. Furthermore, a number of letters seem to have been made unclear, possibly again the album title; at the top right the word Egypt would fit.

Yesterday’s second post is again something that looks like a train ticket. With McCartney's name on it and again the pyramid logo. But this time also the last letters of two words, the T of the first word, ON of the second. Again, Egypt Station would fit.

And today a third clue (image on the right) appeared, which more explicitly refers to Egypt Station. The picture looks like an old-fashioned logo, or a sort of old-fashioned signboard of, for example, a train station. On display are two pyramids with two palm trees, the text 'PMC 2018', which speaks for itself, and again the logo. This time there clearly are fragments of letters to see, and if you look closer the title Egypt Station fits exactly!

There is one last hint that indicates the title: the backgrounds of the last three pictures: yellow, orange, blue. The name Egypt Station comes from an already existing work by McCartney. No music, but a lithograph this time, made in 1999 in an edition of 200 copies. And what are the most important background colors? Exactly, yellow, orange, blue.

Today's second clue finally confirmed the theory: the words on the images are indeed Egypt Station. Now we have to wait for a confirmation that this is the new album's title. And for the release date of course. 

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André Homan

André Homan is a Dutch writer and journalist.

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